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by - May 04, 2019

Tips For The New Blogger

I'm still fairly new to blogging myself, I started my blog a few years ago but after a short while I gave up with it as I found I just didn't have the time for it. I missed it so much and it became such a passion that I knew I needed to pick it back up so I did and now here I am, I really enjoy writing and sharing what I love on my little space of the internet. Which brings me to why I'm writing todays post on giving you guys who may want to start a blog some useful tips because it's possible for anybody to start a blog even I was doubtful at the start wondering what I would write about and if I would be judged for doing so but once I got started and uploaded my first post nothing could stop me! It feels amazing uploading, reading other peoples posts, reading comments hearing people say they are loving your posts, so what more reason do you need to start?

My first tip is to spend a few minutes or hours jotting down a new blog name, you want something short and memorable, something grabbing and that resembles your blog style. I went for SamanthiaBlogs as my middle name is Samantha and then I went with what I'm doing so 'blog'. Just keep jotting down ideas and eventually you'll find the right one that fits you and that's your first step done!

My next tip would be to choose somewhere to blog, I started out here on Blogger, it was free to set up and so easy to join it made the whole process to manageable! I definitely recommend Blogger if you're just starting up a new blog as it's free and then once you have a feel for your blog and are sure you want to keep doing it then I would suggest paying for a theme, domain etc. There are so many lovely free themes for blogger all you need to do is search in google 'free themes for Blogger' and I'm sure you'll find one perfect for you!

Then you need to write your first post, this may seem to be the trickiest part and I know it for sure was for me. Again I would suggest jotting down a few ideas of what you want to write about and pick one to start off with, I myself started with just a simple post explaining who I was, that I was starting out blogging for the first time and put a little picture of myself. I'll link my first post at the end of this post along with my 30 blog post ideas to give you some inspiration to hopefully get started!

And that's it you've started your blog, all you need to do after that is just keep posting! And it's really as simple as that. It may seem daunting to write on the internet but once you upload for the first time it's such a liberating feeling you just want to keep going!

I hope this post has helped you in some way and if you start a blog after reading this post or you've recently started a blog please leave a link to it in the comments so I can check it out!

Thanks for reading lovelies!

My first post:

30 Blogpost Ideas:

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  1. These tips are great darling, I'm more than sure that they're going to help so many newer bloggers. πŸŒΈπŸ’œ

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  2. Deciding what platform to blog on is probably the most important step for new bloggers!

  3. These are some great tips for new bloggers! Choosing a platform is definitely important!

    Ashleigh |

  4. I totally agree with it being so daunting at first... I remember I didn't even want to tell anyone I wrote a blog at first... And I didn't know what to write in case it came across too controversial, or people would think I'm weird or whatever πŸ˜‚ Now it's like heyyyy everyone listen to all my thoughts and views, and I'm going to post about my blog on my social media 24/7... But the biggest step is definitely just doing it!

  5. Great post! These are most definitely the most important steps to starting your own blog - especially deciding on a platform and name, as they are going to define you more than anything! x

  6. I agree that to carry on writing is such a good tip, I tried to do a weekly post but couldn’t manage it but have found that putting in time for a monthly post works for me!