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by - May 26, 2019

My 20th Birthday

I was born on the 20th May 1999 for anyone who didn't know and my birthday this year was on the Monday just gone and I don't usually feel much different on my birthday because it's just another birthday when you get older it's not really exciting anymore but on this particular birthday, my amazing fiance (and I know I say that a lot but he really is amazing!) planned such a lovely surprise day out together so I thought I would share that with you and also for me to look back on the lovely memories we made that day.

So the whole day was a total surprise to me, all I knew was that I needed to be up really early to travel into town and then walk to somewhere in the city centre, so at 5:30 we got up and got ready for the day and went into town. Waking up this early we both needed a serious caffeine boost so our first stop of the day was soho coffeehouse. This is my new favourite coffee shop for a chai latte which is exactly what I needed to wake me up for the day 

Then we headed to which was for me the unknown destination, this in itself was so weird for me as I'm usually in charge of directions and I always like to know exactly where I'm going to but that day was totally different and I had to rely on Josh's directions which isn't something I like to do (sorry Josh) as we were walking I had absolutely no idea where we were going until we arrived just outside the train station and even then I still didn't know where we were actually heading, once we got on the train Josh turned to me and asked if I knew where we were going yet and I still didn't have a clue which was hilarious because I somehow missed all the announcements of our train arriving. 

Once the announcement on the train told me we were going to Cardiff I was so happy! I've always wanted to go to Cardiff because shopping is one of my favourite ways to have a little bit of down time. 

The train journey was amazing, it went by so quickly and then we were there! It only took us around 2 minutes to walk into the Cardiff main centre and we saw some pretty buildings on the way, we got into the centre and went straight into one of the shopping centres, not sure of the names of each shopping centre but we went to 4 different ones and each were amazing! I went to all the usual shops I visit when I go shopping in Bristol, they had ones like H&M, New Look, River Island, Topshop, Bershka and directly opposite to Bershka is where I found my ultimate dream shop. I've never seen or heard of stradivarius before but this place is heaven! As soon as I looked in I knew I was going to love everything and I definitely did, everything in Stradivarius looks so modern which is what I love and all of their clothes, bags and shoes were very minimalistic which if you know me is all I wear. I spent a good hour alone in this store and I ended up buying this gorgeous cream/white biker style leather jacket which was only £25.99 which I think is a bargain for something as staple as this! Also the staff at the till point were lovely and made the whole experience really fun

 After shopping for around 2-3 hours by then we were getting so hungry and it was 1 o'clock so perfect time to stop for lunch and the place Josh had in mind for my birthday lunch was perfect too! Ed's diner has always been one of my absolute favourite places to eat, it's such a beautiful styled diner and has the best lunch options I could possibly imagine. I opted for the raspberry lemonade to drink and Josh went for the oreo milkshake as he always does when we come to Ed's. We don't usually get to go that often as the only ones near us are in London, Brighton and Cardiff (yes we have been to all 3) so I decided to go with my favourite halloumi salad with a side of waffle fries and I know it doesn't sound like much but it's honestly the largest salad I've ever eaten and the waffle fries alone are so filling too! Josh decided to go for the halloumi burger with a side of cheesy waffle fries (always has to go one extra) which also looked delicious

The service is always lovely at Ed's which is another reason I love it so much. So after we had stuffed our faces with all our food we headed to a different shopping centre which was basically just outside of the one we had come out of so there really wasn't a lot of walking involved to get to each shopping centre. I was excited about this particular one so much because it has a Primark and this being my favourite shop I was so excited to go to a new one altogether. It has 4 different floors which you would never know looking at it as it seems tiny until you actually walk in, as you can probably tell I was in here for quite a while too. In the end I came out with a new white pair of trainers which were £12, a new makeup bag for £1 on sale and a cream crotchet style top for £6 so this for me wasn't bad at all there is usually so much more I want to buy but luckily there wasn't as much this time (baring in mind I had only been into the Bristol store about a week before)

After Primark we wandered around some more and popped into a few more shops and then it was only an hour to our train home which came so quickly! So we just had a long walk around Cardiff outside of the shopping centres and came across Kingdom of Sweets which myself and Josh have visited in London before and we thought it was okay but when we walked into this one we were both so shocked at how big this place was! It was filled with basically every sweet treat you would ever want, I usually try to eat a clean diet but this day was an exception so that I could have a little birthday treat, I knew exactly what I wanted when I saw this Cadbury dairy milk bar, are you ready to hear what flavour? BLACK FOREST. My jaw dropped when I saw this, some of you may be thinking 'it's just a chocolate bar what's the hype?' but if you're anything like me you'll understand why I was so in love with this, even looking at the picture of it makes me want it again but it was the perfect treat for the train journey home. The only thing I would say is it was really expensive, obviously it being imported I knew it was going to be really expensive and I would say it's worth it for a one-time treat.

And then it was time to get the train back to Bristol and go home, I went home so happy because I had had the most perfect day out in Cardiff and had a lovely time in the evening chilling out with my family.

I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing what I got up to on my birthday this year and let me know in the comments if you've ever been to Cardiff and what your favourite parts of it were so I can get some new ideas of places to visit for when I go back and hopefully you'll have found some new places from this post too (definitely check out Ed's diner if you're ever in Cardiff,London or Brighton. You won't be disappointed)  

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