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by - May 18, 2019

25 Facts About Me

If you're returning to my blog, welcome back and if you're new here hey! I'm Laura and today I want to share with you 25 facts about me so this will be perfect for getting to know a little more about me (if you want to, I'm by far not the most interesting person) however I hope you enjoy it anyway! 

1. I'm 19 years old - I usually get told by new people I meet that I look much older than just 19 which I kind of take as a compliment! I like the fact that I look older than what I actually am although I'm finding it very scary that in less than a month I'll be 20 years old, where does time go?

2. I'm from Bristol - for those of you who haven't already guessed I'm from Bristol and have lived here all of my life! 

3. I'm originally a blonde - before I decided to dye my hair pink I was naturally blonde from when I was little but ever since I turned around 13 my hair slowly turned a mousy brown colour which I really hated on me so I bleached my hair blonde and decided to go with pink!

4. I've worked in retail for 3 1/2 years - retail/fashion has always been something I've had a passion for and I've absolutely loved my years working in retail, of course there are those very frustrating days as with any career but it is so lovely when you're able to put a smile on somebodys face! 

5. My dream career is to be a professional blogger/vlogger - at this moment blogging for me is just a hobby. I love creating and writing content to put out into the world, I enjoy writing about what I love so much and I'm so passionate about it I would absolutely love for it to become a full time career I know that may be wishful thinking and people say you shouldn't just want to make a career out of it but if you can love what you do and get paid for it, isn't that just amazing? I'd also love to start YouTube in the future, it's not something I'm looking to do now but hopefully in a few years time!

6. I have a slight obsession with bags - honestly the amount of bags I've bought over the last few years is crazy! Most of them I gave to charity or got rid of so I only have a few now but I'm always buying more, my fiance and family go mad at me for it because every time I go shopping I'll look for a new bag I can buy (not like I really need it!) I don't know why I love the idea of buying new bags so often but let me know in the comments if you're the same with always wanting more of something

7.  I love the Aristocats movie and collectors items - I've always had an obsession with aristocats ever since I was little and it's one of my favourite childhood movies but I don't think it's just for children I also love all the merchandise you can get in places like Disney store and Primark. I currently only have the DVD and the throw but I also want to get the cute water bottle they have in Primark, it's just adorable. Josh says I remind him of Marie, if you've watched aristocats which you definitely should you'll know which one I'm talking about. 

8. I love shopping - I actually believe I have a shopping addiction, I just love strolling around in town going into all the shops, trying clothes on, looking at pretty shoes, as I mentioned before I really love my bags so I'm always looking in the bag section of every store and I always feel so good wearing something new! - I could shop and have shopped before for 10 hours

9. I'm the worst at replying to messages - I don't know why I'm so rubbish at replying to peoples messages, even if I'm on my phone it could take me hours or days to respond to a message. I think I must mentally reply in my head and then forget to actually type a reply - which probably does my fiances head in!

10. I'm around 5'3 - I know I'm really short and I actually love it!

11. When I have a meal I'll eat each food separately - for example if I had a roast dinner I would eat all the veg first, then all of the potatoes and then all of the stuffing ect. It's something I've always done with every meal and I will never be one of those people who eat abit of everything, I can't stand mixing foods together it just doesn't go well for me.

12. My favourite childhood TV show was Bear in the big blue house - I used to have all of the DVDS as a child and my mum told me that when this show came on TV I would shake in my highchair because I was so excited to watch it

13. I cannot stand cauliflower cheese - The smell, the taste, absolutely everything about it I hate yet I like cauliflower on its own and cheese on its own but the two combined is my worst nightmare!

14. My dream places to visit are New York, LA, Paris and France - I have always wanted to visit these cities, travelling isn't a huge thing for me but I have dreamt of going to these places for such a long time and I can't wait to explore new things in different places. The thing I love most about travelling to new places is making memories.

15. I would love to live in Brighton - Once I'm older I would love to move to Brighton because the last time I visited I really felt like Brighton is a place I would love to and could really see myself living in! 

16. I get very emotional over TV shows and books but not things in real life - If somebody dies or splits up in a TV show/book I'll cry my eyes out but if its something in real life I feel sad but I can't cry over it. It's the same with something positive and happy too, I'll bawl my eyes out over anything that isn't real but not over something that is!

17. I have a bad short term memory but good long term memory - I usually can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday but I can always remember what someone text me at 3:05pm a year ago. I've heard its quite common but it's so strange

18. I have trouble saying things out loud about how I feel - I'm quite a closed, reserved person and even with people I know really well and are closest to my heart, I still struggle to say how I really feel. I find it hard to deal with negative emotions and can't express myself properly when I'm feeling down/upset. I usually keep telling whoever it is that I'm fine until eventually it comes out but I want to try and learn to become more open with how I'm feeling.

19. I'm a mix of an introvert and extrovert - I really enjoy having company but only for so long, I love meeting new people too but I also get so anxious around people I don't know. I love spending time on my own in my room watching TV or writing but I also love social interaction and going out with my fiance. I'm okay with being a little bit of both but it would be nice to become more of a outgoing person

20. The key to my heart is food - Bring me food, a warm blanket and a cup of tea and I'm your best friend! Preferably a BBQ pizza or waffles to really win my heart

21. I get really moody when I'm hungry - hangry! - As I'm sure my fiance would tell you, I get the worst mood swings when I get hungry I actually think I become a different person! He's definitely learning to just feed me when I get moody and I'll bounce straight back to my usual self afterwards 

22. My favourite meal is breakfast - I would eat breakfast foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could! It's my favourite meal of the day for sure and there are so many amazing food combinations to chose from - cereal, fruit, yoghurt, crumpets, pancakes, waffles - it's just amazing!

23. I get distracted very easily - even as I'm writing this post I keep getting distracted and it definitely doesn't take a lot to distract me, if I get a notification pop up on my phone I'll check it, if theres a new Youtube video or TV show I'll switch that on instead, I'll find anything to distract me from what I'm actually meant to be doing - which is a habit I really need to kick! 

24. I feel extremely awkward in fancy restaurants or designer shops - walking into a fancy place whether it be a restaurant or a designer shop I instantly feel awkward and out of place, there's something about them that always makes me feel under pressure and restless.

25. I prefer the simple things - I'm not someone who is into extravagant things like expensive foods at restaurants or designer clothes I much prefer the simple things like a coffee sat outside in the sunshine or a walk through the park with a sandwich. I just love the little things that make a really good day.

I hope you've enjoyed reading and finding out a little more about me! Let me know a fact hardly anyone would know about you in the comments - I love getting to know facts about different people! And if you share any of the same as me leave which ones in the comments aswell

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  1. Hi Laura! I'm saying hello from the USA...Chicago-area to give you a little more of an idea. I have to be honest with you....I have never heard of cauliflower cheese. I guess we make cauliflower with a cheese sauce here, I don't know if that is what you're talking about, but otherwise, we don't make whatever you're talking about here in the states! I'm not a huge fan on cauli so I probably wouldn't like it either!

  2. Nice to meet you! I'm also obsessed with the Aristocats 😻😹

  3. Nice post! I love breakfast as well! I hope you make your dream come true and become a professional blogger/blogger x

    Nora | www.noradileo.com

  4. I enjoyed reading your post, I love buying new bags too and I'm not really a fan of cauliflower cheese either, or cauliflower in general really!