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by - April 13, 2019

What's On My iPhone?

In this day and age, most of us seems to have made a bad habit of being glued to our phones and I'm not proud in saying I'm part of the 'most' of us. On iPhones there's a new feature called Screen Time and honestly this app embarrass's and shocks me every day. It tells me not only how much time I'm spending on my phone but also what I'm actually spending each specific amount of time on and every single time it's over two hours each day on Social Media alone. That's shocking. Even just thinking of how much I could be doing that would actually be much more productive in just those two hours makes me feel so lazy, yet I continue to do it every single day. The good thing about this feature however is that you can now actually put a cap/ time limit on how much time you can spend on different apps. I have limited myself to two hours per day as I know I could easily sit there scrolling through my Instagram alone for more than two hours.. So anyone who is a scroller like me and is fed up with how much time they spend on their phones, try putting a limit on how long you can scroll for, it's life changing!

So getting onto what I actually wanted to show you today is what is on my iPhone and what apps I use most often, over the past few months I've deleted so many apps because they were just using all my storage and I didn't even really use them! So it is quite a minimal amount of apps but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway!

I have the iPhone 8 Plus in Gold, I highly recommend this phone its amazing for taking pictures and the glass back is stunning (mostly why I chose the 8 Plus).

So first thing you see on my phone is my lock screen, I always go for quite a simple lock screen, I just prefer the cleaner more minimalistic look it gives to my phone. So I just have a marble effect black wallpaper on both my lock screen and home screen, I always like them to match it's just something like to have matching. On the first page I have your typical essential iPhone apps - Phone, Calendar, Photos, Mail, Clock, Maps, I have both normal maps and Google maps but I prefer Google Maps as it seems more accurate but I just like to keep both incase. Then I've got weather, Notes, Reminders (which I don't even use I prefer notes), Podcasts - I use this to listen to Kaylnn Nicholsons podcasts which just inspire and lift my mood instantly I definitely check out her podcasts! Then I have iTunes Store, App Store, Health - I love this app to check how many steps I'm doing each day and try (and fail mostly) to improve them each day and finally Wallet and Settings.

So my first page is quite simple really, I don't like to have more than 4 rows of apps/icons per page as I think it looks messy so I just stick with 4. Then at the bottom I only have 3 icons which are my most used Safari, Messages and Camera, I usually tend to use Snapchat for pictures but if I need to take a quick snap the Camera app is easier.

Moving onto my next page, here is where I keep all of my social apps, editing apps for my pictures and blog, my extras that the iPhone comes with that I can't delete but don't use on a daily and my banking and finance apps. I keep them all in seperate folders as for me it's just easier to find if they are that way and it also keeps my phone looking simplistic which as I said is key for me.

My first folder is for all my Social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr (I don't really use this anymore), YouTube, Pinterest and Spotify I'm not going to go into detail with these apps as everyone knows what all of these are about and what each one does, carrying on I have an Instagram followers app which basically tells me who follows me, who doesn't, anyone who has blocked me or any new followers I have, I like to keep track on this app of all the people who like to follow to unfollow which seems to be often on Instagram lately. then I also have Bloglovin' to share my blog posts and my Facebook Page app for my blog, I'll leave all my links to my socials below (plug, I know)

My next folder is for all my banking and finance apps, so again there won't be much depth as its pretty self explanatory what these apps do. First is my bank account I bank with Halifax as it's the easiest bank account in my opinion then I have my Boots app, Nectar for Sainsburys, Nando's (got to earn that free Nando's), My Vodafone to keep track of my Data and my bills, Uber, First Bus to buy tickets and Moovit to track bus times.

Moving onto my next folder this is for editing my photos for the gram and my blog. The first one is Huji Cam and I bloody love this app. It puts such a vintage filter over the photo and gives it this really cool looking effect (example shown below) you can choose different light effects or time stamp on the photo too and I always adjust the setting to save straight to my camera roll. The next is NoCrop which I use to put a white border around my pictures (also shown below) I mostly use this for my layout on Instagram, I just find it looks a lot more clean. I also use VSCO for filters on my Instagram photos, if you'd like an in depth post on how I edit my Insta photos let me know in the comments and I can do that, then I have my Sprocket app which if anyone doesn't already know is a little polaroid photo printer that prints photos straight from your phone. It's really cool I'll leave the link so you can check it out and get one if you wish!

In my next folder is all my Entertainment apps, I usually use this folder when I'm travelling and don't have a current book to read, so I have ITV Hub I'm currently watching The Bay on here and all I'm saying is if you haven't watched it yet, put it on your list to watch it's just amazing, the story line is so captivating and if you're watching it like me, comment below I'd love to chat about it! Then I have Netflix obvs everyone is familiar with this one, Horoscope+ I check my horoscope every single day if I remember, mine is always so accurate and true to my life its freaky. Candy Crush, I don't play this often just when I literally have nothing else to do, my NowTV remote for when I'm just too lazy to find my actual remote and finally 30 Day Fitness which I have yet to actually use but we will see..

My last folder is just all the apps that came with the iPhone so I'm not going to bore you with that and finally I have Spotify which is where I listen all my music, Spotify is the absolute best app for music especially if you want to find new music

And that brings us to the end of what's on my iPhone. I hope you've enjoyed having a peak at what apps are on my phone and let me know if theres any app I should have on my phone which I currently don't and what your favourite app on your phone is!

As promised the link to my Sprocket - https://www.amazon.co.uk/HP-1AS85A-638-Sprocket-200/dp/B07H7CBWM6/ref=asc_df_B07H7CBWM6/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=310855849375&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=17960641033195235468&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1006567&hvtargid=pla-587779757034&psc=1&th=1&psc=1

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  1. Great post! This idea is so fun and I love seeing what other people's phone favorites are. One of my favorite apps is actually my bank app, because I'm able to sign on quick and deposit checks and look into my accounts super easily. Also, does your cracked screen ever drive you crazy?! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fabulous post. I love how organised you are. I really need to do this. My phone is all over the place.