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by - March 26, 2019

Where I've Been & Why I Haven't Been Online..

So you may or may not have noticed I haven't been on my blog or any of my social medias for a few weeks now and I'm here now to explain why.. Sometimes I think it's good to take a break away from social media and be offline. I think it's important for our minds and our mental health. Recently I've been feeling like a much needed break from everything and to just focus on me. 

I've suffered with and been trying to manage anxiety for around 2 years now, I don't remember when or why it started all I can remember is how it made me feel and how confused I was because I didn't know what was happening to me or why I felt a certain way. 

I only really discovered what anxiety was when I saw people talking about it online and I recognized that I had a lot of the symptoms of anxiety but I still never really understood how anxiety worked or why I seemed to have it and honestly I still don't fully understand the way it works. What I know for sure is over the past 2 years my anxiety has been at it's peak for the past few weeks, thus meaning I haven't been around much on social media or blogging really at all. As anyone who experiences anxiety will know everyone's anxiety is different and will never be exactly the same so to give you a little bit of a break down of what my personal experiences are with my anxiety -

  • First usually comes the twisted knot in my stomach
  • I'll start to feel dizzy and very alert of everything around me (busy, noise levels, people staring)
  • I'll start to sweat and my mouth goes very hot
  • My throat tightens so I feel I can't breathe therefore setting my body into full blown panic mode.
  • Usually sets off a bad mood and makes me very 'offish' around anyone
  • Uncontrollable tears of panic 
  • Eventually panic subsides and I'll feel very physically and mentally weak and emotional
My panic attacks can happen absolutely anywhere even when I think I'm feeling calm, it can spring on me at any moment making it hard to get myself into certain situations (such as shopping in busy crowds to going into a busy restaurant) just incase I feel an anxiety attack is going to happen.

Sometimes when I get anxiety for a long period of time such as these past few weeks I experience symptoms of other sides of mental health, a fear of not being good enough or feeling awful about my appearance, all of which make me feel really low about myself and I get myself into a sort of vicious cycle meaning I have absolutely no motivation for anything whether that be blogging or socialising or even just getting out of bed in the morning.

The last couples of days have been purely just focusing on looking after myself and trying to shake away the niggling of my anxiety and horrible thoughts. As I feel I'm slowly but surely getting back to my usual self again hopefully this will mean over the next week a lot more posts coming out on my blog again and more content on my socials.

I hope this has helped you gain some insight into what dealing with anxiety can be like and remember whether you have anxiety or any other mental illness, to always be kind to yourself and put yourself first!

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  1. Hugs and love. So sorry you are dealing with all this anxiety. It is good that you took a break to take care of yourself .I am impressed with your openness about it .That will help others and yourself for sure .
    When I am dealing with anxiety I like to go out in nature . The woods, the beach, my backyard, a local park
    I hope you can find something that works for you and helps you cope .Are you working with a therapist?
    Anyway, welcome back online, and kudos to you for recognising that you needed a break.

    Karen | https://OurCarpeDiem.com

  2. It's good that you took some time out to look after yourself. I've had experience with panic attacks and anxiety and they are so crippling, so it was a good thing you gave yourself a break to refresh and look after yourself ❤ I hope you feel better now!

    Amy x | fleurdubelle.blogspot.com