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by - February 02, 2019

What I've Been Loving This Month..

January is always one of the duller months, after all the excitement of Christmas and the amount of junk food consumed I always end up feeling kind of flat and uninspired as the colder months approach so I knew that this month I needed to try new things and find something I loved to get me through, without further a do let's get into what I've been loving so far this month!

Decaf Tea 

I both love and hate the cold, as I love winter fashion but absolutely hate the chilly weather so a travel mug filled with tea is a must wherever I'm going, however once I get home from work it's usually quite late but I always feel like I still need a cup of tea to relax and warm up with wrapped up on the sofa so lately I've discovered decaf tea and it's totally changed how much caffeinated tea I drink! If you find it hard to sleep or can't drink caffeine I would definitely suggest trying decaf tea because in my opinion it actually tastes better than normal tea!

My dressing gown 

This one will come as no shock to most of you who follow my other social medias but for those who don't I'm definitely more of a PJ's and fluffy socks kind of gal. If it's fluffy and warm I am in heaven! Every winter I always buy a new big fluffy dressing gown (usually a few sizes to big so I can really wrap myself up into it) This year I bought myself a huge fluffy grey one with white inside lining which practically drowns me and I absolutely love it! I also got a new fluffy grey one with stars imprinted on it for Christmas from my mum (shock she knows me too well) which I adore because it's so soft and warm

Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

This series is one of my absolute favourites and forever will be. When I watched Gilmore Girls for the first time I fell in love and it reminded me so much of myself and my mum! The mother and daughter have such an amazing bond and it's a hilarious show but will also make you go 'aww.. how cute!' I'm rewatching it on nights after work with a big cup of decaf tea curled up under my duvet and even as I'm writing this I have it on in the background (having a day off of work is dangerous as it usually always leads to me binge watching on Netflix) 

Spotify Music

I've had Spotify for a few years now but I've never mentioned it anywhere, Spotify is my favourite app for music ever, it has every song I would ever want to listen to and I even find new music I've never heard before. This app is free but comes with ads however if you buy premium you can listen to and download any music you want which is amazing. I would recommend this app over any other music app as it just has everything and you can even listen offline!

Book of this month 'A Christmas Wish' 

This book has to be included as it isn't just my favourite I've read this month it's actually become one of my favourites of all the books I've ever read! It's perfect for this time of year as it actually snowed yesterday as I'm writing this (I'll insert a pretty picture below), the story of this magical wintery book is so intriguing and definitely has you turning the pages, the story of Flora Phillips being abandoned as a baby and desperately trying to find her mother as she wants answers, Flora heads off whilst everyone is enjoying their Christmas festivities to find a special doorstep, her doorstep where she was abandoned but in this town she finds more than answers about her birth, she finds friends and someone to love, Joel. It's a story of love, romance and all her Christmas wishes come true!

Dried Mango 

Random I know but everyone knows I'm a serious foodie and I love snuggling up and watching a movie with some snacks however I'm trying to be healthier this year and stop all of the gorging on chocolate, crisps and sweets so I looked for an alternative which I still find enjoyable but is just a little better for me, I used to snack on dried fruit all the time but just kind of forgot about it after a while but I saw they did a large bag of dried mango in Tesco for £1.50 which is a great price so I decided to try that and let's just say I haven't stopped eating it since and I buy two bags every time I pop into Tesco! Anyone else looking for a healthier snack I would suggest trying dried fruit as it's still a lovely sweet treat without the regret/sugar lows afterwards!

Now TV 

Ever since my sweetheart of a fiance bought me this Now TV stick I've been glued to my TV (sorry Josh) it's the perfect gift and has everything you would want on it! I use mine mostly for Netflix but it also comes with a great pass (you get to choose which pass you want when you buy the Now TV stick) Josh picked the movie pass which is perfect for me as usually the movie I want to watch isn't on Netflix and it's too complicated for me to stream online so now I can watch any movie I want at any time! Another amazing gift for any occasion.

BLEACH London 'Odd Fuschia' dye

As most of you know I've had my hair pink for quite a while now, I went through a stage of silver hair but it damaged it too much so I went back to having pink hair which I'm totally in love with now I have found the perfect dye, I've been shopping around trying many pink hair dyes but nothing matches up to the most recent BLEACH London dye, I use the colour 'Odd Fuschia' and its amazing! It turns my hair a lovely shade of pink with tones of a light lilac shade but the best thing about this hair dye is the colour doesn't fade! Having pink hair for a while now I'm used to having to dye it between every 1-2 weeks which puts my hair through a lot of processing but using the BLEACH London dye has completely changed how often I have to dye my hair which I usually struggle to find time for as it's very time consuming.. Not bad for £6 a bottle which covers my entire head with some left over and I have very thick hair!

I hope you enjoyed reading and finding out what I've been loving this month and let me know down below in the comments what you have been loving this month too!

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  1. Great post! Dried mangoes are my fave �� I’ve been loving eating shortbreads this month, they’re my new addiction haha

    1. Mm haven’t had shortbreads in a long time! 😍

  2. I love dried mangos too, it's one of my favourite snacks!

  3. I love Gilmore Girls too, it's one of my favourite tv shows.