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by - February 18, 2019

My Sick Day Routine 

It's not very often that I get sick so when I do it really hits me and pretty much always leads to me being wrapped up in my sick bed for quite a while. My body seems to struggle fighting off illness and I do everything I can to get feeling back to my usual bubbly self, but sometimes I just have to let my body relax and heal itself naturally. I'm so used to being one of these people who like being busy and don't like lazing around for too long so when I get ill I get quite frustrated by the fact I sometimes can't keep as busy as I usually would so I'm still learning how to not feel the unease and frustration when I know I need to let my relax and do it's thing. So I thought I would share with you what I would usually do on a sick day (depending on how long the illness lasts I do different things on different days) and how I get myself back to feeling normal again!

Get a good night sleep 

Getting a good nights sleep is so important especially when you're not feeling your best, when you get ill it means you're body is trying to tell you something and often than not when you're continuously not sleeping properly night after night our bodies get tired and that makes it a lot harder to fight off any illness and we can actually feel unwell just from being tired and over working our body. So the first step to making myself feel well is getting into bed early (I usually aim for around 9-10pm on a normal day but on a sick day I'll usually aim for 8-9pm to get an extra hour to relax and wind down before sleeping. 

Find a Netflix show or movie 

On this particular sick day I chose to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix, it's always been one of my favourite series and when I'm unwell I need a show that's going to keep me entertained for a long time so this was perfect. I paired it with an extra hot cup of tea and my aristocats fluffy blanket as comfort is essential to me when I'm bedbound with flu.

Running a hot bubble bath

I have a really slow start on a sick day, I'll probably spend an extra hour or two sleeping than a normal day before I fully wake myself up, then I'll usually switch on the TV and watch a few episodes of a show on Netflix or a movie on my Now TV. Then eventually I'll roll myself out of bed and run myself a hot bath with plenty of bubbles, I never find baths very relaxing but when I'm not feeling my best I like to have an extra long bath to ease any tension or aches in my body. Once I'm out of the bath I get straight back into my PJ's and slide straight back into bed, I know it seems strange to get up to have a bath to get back into bed but it makes me feel a lot more fresh in the mornings. 

Cleanse my face/brush my teeth 

After I've spent at least another hour watching TV in bed I'll go to the bathroom and cleanse and moisturise my face, this part of my routine instantly helps me to feel much better. It wakes me up and I'll usually have woken up with a heavy headache so cleansing with warm water lifts my headache almost straight away. Brushing my teeth, simple yet also makes me feel a lot better.

Read a good book 

This part of my sick day routine is probably my favourite as there is nothing better than being wrapped up with a hot cup of tea, a thick toasty blanket and a good book to take your mind off of how you're feeling. The book I'm currently reading is 'All The Single Ladies' by Jane Costello and I've got to say I haven't put it down, it's amazing so far and I'm loving the way the storyline is heading, if you haven't read this book yet I definitely suggest picking it up in your local WHSmith! I love Jane Costello as a writer, she's written some great books, I'm definitely going to have to pick up 'Girl On The Run' next. (P.s I know the book I've mentioned is not the book in the picture but this one is very good so far also!)

Play a game on my iPad

I only recently went out and got this iPad mostly for blogging purposes however I found my love for the game 'Candy Crush' a few months ago and I know this game is probably old to most of you as it's been out for ages now but I find it so relaxing so when I bought this iPad I knew I had to download it and I've been addicted ever since, it's so easy to play and takes your mind off of feeling crappy.

Going for a walk 

Now this all depends on how I'm feeling and what symptoms I have but sometimes going for a walk is the best thing for me when I'm not feeling too great. If I have a headache or a blocked nose it can help to clear it and it also lifts my mood, as usually if I can't get out of the house for a few days I start feeling trapped and irritated so going for a walk even if it's for 5 minutes relieves that feeling of being house bound.

Eating a good meal 

This is so important, when you're unwell your body uses up your energy to fight the illness so we need to make sure we are getting enough water and nutrition to speed up and flush out our toxins. I'm always making sure I'm either drinking tea or water throughout the day to keep my fluids up and at least eating one meal (regardless of whether I feel like it or not) to help my body recover, my favourite things to eat are cereal as I find that so easy and it's one of my favourite foods, a roast dinner as it has plenty of veg and is really good for you and I'll usually try to have a snack on the evening such as fruit or a waffle with a cup of tea to end the day.

So that's everything I will get up to on a sick day, obviously I do usually take medicine when I'm unwell but it seems too obvious to include..
I try not to do too much and let my body rest and heal so that I'm 100% recovered and well again as speedily as I can be! I hope this gave you some ideas of how to keep busy but also get enough rest on your sick days and remember that your health comes first!

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  1. Lovely post! I do all of these except reading as when I'm sick reading makes me dizzy!

  2. I do the exact same things when I am sick. Except for the days that I'm very sick, then I just sleep for the rest of the day.


  3. Hoorah for you! When I am sick all I can do is sleep! If I'm lucky I have a lovely bath :)
    Laura /

  4. These are all great tips! I think that rest and recovery are the most important aspects of having a sick day. I tend to sleep a lot, but always feel better if I'm able to get some enjoyment out of it too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Getting sick is the worse but it doesn't have to be bad the whole time your sick. Love how you broken it down to the different things you can do while your resting. Taking baths and walks always seem to help me and definitely helps me get into a better mood. Great post!