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by - January 01, 2019

❄ What I Got For Christmas..

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year even though this year I really didn't feel very festive in the lead up to Christmas, I always enjoy spending the day at home with family, opening presents (I still woke up at stupid o'clock this year as I have since I was little), eating chocolate for breakfast, sitting at the table for my favourite Roast Dinner and lying on the sofa binge watching Christmas movies and eating way too many festive treats.. 

So I thought I would share with you what I got for Christmas this year as I was well and truly spoilt by my lovely family, I love every single present I received this year so without further a do here is what I got..

Books | As pretty much everyone knows I am a huge bookworm, I'm always reading whether it be at home in bed or on the way to work so every year I always receive books for Christmas which makes me immensely happy. My fiance is always buying me books and I usually always end up with books I already have (I'm such a book hoarder so its easy to forget which ones I already have) however this year I didn't receive I already have so I'm really looking forward to reading these ones, I've already read the blurb of each one and they sound just my style!

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy | The set I got is now unfortunately sold out but I've linked the exact same one just incase they re-stock it and then you can get your hands on it! I bloody love this perfume and I have for around a year now, I'm such a big fan of sweet smelling perfume so this is perfect for me, I wear it wherever I'm going and everyone always asks what perfume I'm wearing and that it smells lovely and the best part is I can smell it all day once I've put it on, I've noticed with many perfumes I've used before that I can't smell it after 10 minutes or so, so this has been my go-to perfume every single day. 

HP Sprocket With Hard Case And String Lights and PaperChase Scrapbook | This one was my favourite gift, I've wanted to start a scrapbook for a while now, I've always loved the idea of having photos I adore all in one place and I think a scrapbook is a great way of looking back on memories years later. Myself and Josh recently watched Zoella's Vlog where she showed her scrapbook and talked all about her HP Sprocket. I instantly knew I wanted one and I wanted the exact scrapbook she showed in her vlog and because I can't keep quiet and he knows me so well.. Well I now have the exact same scrapbook and HP Sprocket! I was amazed when I opened this and I absolutely cannot wait to get started scrap-booking and using my HP Sprocket (I have already tried it out and it prints such amazing quality photos straight from my iPhone) and I think it's the perfect companion for scrap-booking as it actually prints as a sticker so there's no need for any glue or tape! What more could you ask for? 

Carvela Black Bag | There isn't much to say for this apart from I fell in love. Carvela is my go-to brand for bags anyway and I always use them for work but they stay in such lovely condition and for the price these bags are just perfect! However I just wanted one that was a little smaller for going shopping and days out. Myself and Josh went into town about a month or so before Christmas and I always go into Debenhams because they have a whole section of Carvela bags and I came across this one and instantly fell in love. It's the perfect size to go shopping with as I can fit my purse, umbrella, make up and hairbrush in. It also comes with a longer strap inside as well as the short handle that is already attached to the bag, I prefer to use the longer across-body strap when I'm shopping and the last thing that makes this bag so perfect is the colour, I've been looking for a black bag for a while now and I finally found exactly the one I wanted (I've used it every day since I got it on Christmas Day!) It's currently £59 on their website reduced from £79 with an extra 10% off sale items what an amazing deal!

I hope you have enjoyed having a peak at what I got for Christmas and I hope you have had the best Christmas and eaten the yummiest foods! (I know I did, as always that being far too much dinner and chocolates!) Let me know what you got for Christmas and what you got up to this holiday down in the comments. And I hope you have a lovely New Year 

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  1. Such cute gifts! Hope you had the best xmas! xo J


  2. I love getting books for Christmas! I got some gift cards to book stores too which makes me super happy!

  3. Nice gifts! That's a pretty purse. I've been wanting to try that perfume.

  4. These gifts are really lovely! I love the books and that cute perfume 😍😍

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