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by - December 17, 2018

My favourite ways to 'wind down'

As we all know sometimes life can become hectic, whether it's a new job, a 'to do' list as long as your arm or just general daily things it is easy to quickly become stressed and feel weighed down by it all. With our busy schedules most of us are always on the go and have some place to be or something to do 24/7, leading such a busy life often leaves us feeling like there isn't time to watch our favourite programme or read a chapter of our favourite book but not taking time to do the things we enjoy are what leaves us feeling flat and unmotivated and can even make us agitated and stressed. 

As I've been so caught up with work and my 'to do' lists every day I realised I got so carried away I wasn't finding time to actually do the things I enjoy and take care of myself as I usually would or definitely should be anyway. So tonight as I sit down with a steaming hot cup of tea, a blanket and my favourite tv show on I thought I would tell you my favourite ways of winding down from a busy day..

1. Putting my cosy clothes on - the first thing I do as soon as I get home from anywhere is throw my cosy clothes on (yes this can be at any time of day, pj's all day right?) I could never be one of those people who sit in their jeans all day, leggings and a big baggy top all the way! 

2. Make a cuppa - once I'm all wrapped up I head downstairs to make myself the perfect steaming cup of tea as it's definitely my go to comforting, warming drink. I tend to have a decaf tea on the evenings purely because I find it much more smooth and more delicious than normal caffeinated tea. 

3. Removing my make up - to be honest after a hard days work I find removing my make up quite a chore, so I make it as simple as I can I only use 4 products to remove my make up and hydrate my skin, (my skincare routine is linked here if you want to see what I use in depth) I will try to use a facemask twice a week aswell to make sure my skin stays healthy and glowing!

4. Applying a face mask - I don't tend to use face masks all that often unless I'm having a real pamper evening or if I decide my skin needs it but if I've had a particularly stressful week I'll reach for my L'Oreal face mask 

5. Running a hot bubbly bath - Once I've applied my face mask I will run myself a lovely bubble bath and I usually use this time to catch up on some YouTube videos or to watch an episode on Netflix.

6. Brew a cuppa and relax with my favourite book - after I’ve jumped out of the bath and wrapped up in my cosy clothes again I head back downstairs for my second cup of tea, this is definetly my favourite drink as it just helps me to relax and warms me up which is great for this time of year! Then I usually go straight upstairs to curl up into bed with a book the one I’m currently reading is - - and so far it’s been amazing, reading is my favourite way to ‘wind down’ as it focuses my mind on visualising what’s happening in the book and takes my mind off real life for a while.

7. Watching my favourite movie - If I decide I don't really fancy reading or it's not too late afterwards then I tend to switch over to Netflix and watch my favourite movie (which by the way I have a few joint favourites but my newest favourite has to be 'To all the boys I've loved before' definitely recommend! 

8. Put on a podcast and get an early night - I can't stress enough how important an early night can be especially when you're feeling stressed or have been so busy you just haven't had the time to unwind, so once I've finished everything I needed to do for that evening I'll settle into bed and usually I'll put a podcast on to fall asleep to as I find it difficult to sleep in complete silence. My favourite podcasts are by Kalyn Nicholson, I just find her podcasts so relaxing and great to fall asleep to but also very uplifting as her podcasts are based on positivity and being happy. Then I have a peaceful long nights sleep!

Thank you for reading this post on winding down and I hope it helps you even if you just take one thing and incorporate it in to your winding down routine it will make a huge difference to how you feel each day. Taking the time to relax and let go off stress is so important and it's something we all probably don't do enough!

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  1. These are all great ways to wind down. I love the podcast idea, I've recently discovered a new love for podcasts so I may start listening to them before I go to sleep! x

    Lucy |

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    1. Winding down is so extremely important, especially after a long day. After all stress has so many negative effects on the body.
      P.S your blog is definitely my cup of tea, followed :)
      Laura /