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by - December 25, 2018

My Favourite Festive Movies

I started watching festive movies very early this year as there is so many I enjoy and love, they are definitely up there with the top genre of movies I love to watch. Snuggling down with a hot chocolate and a blanket on the sofa is my favourite thing to do around Christmas time so I thought I would share what festive movies I've absolutely loved watching so far!

1. The Grinch (Cartoon)

So this is a new favourite as it came out this year, I knew as soon as I saw it on in the cinema that I had to watch it as I love the other Grinch movie too. It certainly lived up to my expectations! I never usually enjoy cartoons and I've never known why I just can't seem to get through a whole cartoon movie so this was new for me to thoroughly enjoy it. I would definitely recommend to go and see it especially if you love the original Grinch movie!

2. Home Alone (All of them)

This is up there as one of my favourite festive movies, I love every Home Alone movie, I just think they are so entertaining and festive and definitely gets me in the mood for Christmas! I've watched each one several times and never got bored. If I had to choose the original/first home alone would be my favourite as I seem to have this weird thing that the first movie is always the best of them all (Even if I haven’t seen the rest I don’t know why). Secondly my fiancé loves Home Alone just as much as I do so I always suggest this as our first festive movie to watch together (aw)

3. The Holiday

Oh my god. If you haven’t seen this movie then you’ve been going wrong every December time, although I would watch this movie at any time of the year, it’s just amazing. This is probably my favourite festive movie out of them all and I don’t know why I didn’t mention it as the first one but honestly I bloody love it. This movie just gives me all the feels every time I watch it and let me tell you I’ve watched it just a few times... 
but honestly if you’ve not watched The Holiday yet schedule it in your diary to watch on the evening, you won’t regret it!

4. Jack Frost

I feel like this movie is always such a great classic, I've only watched it a few times but every time it just makes me feel so magical and ready for Christmas (does anyone else feel the same after watching a festive movie? I think it's the snowy scenes and the warm glowy lights on the house), I just find the whole movie adorable.. especially the snowman, is that weird? I can't wait to watch it again this year!

5. The Polar Express

I haven’t seen The Polar Express in a few years now but I remember it being one of my favourites growing up, again it used to make me feel so magical and festive as I’m sure it still will to this day! I think I’m going to make this my Christmas Eve movie once I get home from work so I can relive the festivity..

6. ELF 

Now it’s got to be said that this isn’t my favourite of the bunch and I know I’m going to be hated for that because it seems to be so many people’s favourite festive movie but I love it none the less, it’s still one I’ll happily watch at Christmas and still gets me in the Christmas spirit. I thought it not right if I didn’t include this one as it’s still a really good movie

7. Nativity!

Aw I just love this movie, it’s bloody brilliant in my opinion and so cute! This is definitely a festive movie that makes you go ‘aw’. I’ve seen Nativity! so many times throughout the years but I still love it the same as the first time I watched it, I will for sure be watching it this year! 

8. Love Actually 

Finally last but not least Love Actually. I’ve watched this movie numerous times and I still find it just as hilarious, it’s definitely a laugh-out-loud, feel-good kind of movie so it’s perfect for Christmas time! And you bet I’ll definitely be watching on TV this evening tucked up with a hot cuppa and a blanket in bed. Ahh perfect.

So that brings us to the end of this post, as I’m uploading this it’s Christmas Day (evening) so I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed so much yummy food! Leave a comment down below as to what you got up to this Christmas and let me know what your favourite festive movie is! Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your favourite festive movies!
    I haven't seen all of them yet but will defo put them on my list haha

  2. Omgosh I love The Holiday and Love Actually! I need to do a marathon of Home Alone again! Such a classic holiday movie too! :)

    Much love,
    Hazel |

  3. I loooooove all of these but one that I love that didn't make your list is Arthur Christmas!! It's the sweetest film EVER

    Becca / Becc4

  4. I love Love Actually and Nativity! Also Home Alone is fab, I'd say the first one is my favourite xx

    Lucy |

  5. I love all of these but I haven't seen Jack Frost yet.