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by - September 08, 2018

20 things I want to do when I'm 20

So I was inspired by Shannon Diana to do a blog post on the 20 things I want to do when I'm 20, I think this post will help me in achieving these things by writing them down and publishing them to the world so here goes..

1. Learn how to drive - I've wanted to learn for a while and now that I have a full time job I'm able to put some money aside each week to save up for lessons. (I'm really determined to get this one done.)

2. Buy a tablet - I currently have an iPhone 7 and a laptop but I would much prefer a tablet to a laptop for blogging on the go and watching tv shows too (anyone a netflix binger like me?) I'm thinking of getting a rose gold iPad as a treat with my first wages.

3. Have a blogging schedule - right now I'm really struggling with finding a full-time job, blog, social life balance. There are probably so many bloggers experiencing the same issues, it's so hard to find the time for everything, am I right? So when I turn 20 I really want to put my time and effort into my blog, for now I upload when I can and sometimes my posts can be months apart which I absolutely hate! So to start I want to at least get 1 blog post up per week, to some of you this may sound so easy but it's a real goal for me.

4. Clear my skin - this is pretty simple and I'm sure so many people have this goal or are rolling their eyes and think 'oh yeah wow everyone wants clear skin' but for so many years I have struggled with acne and redness and I've tried so many products to clear it, I think finally I have found a routine that works for my skin however it's not all about what products you're using, which brings me onto my next goal..

5. Have a healthier lifestyle - anyone who knows me are probably sat there screaming at the screen right now like 'you are already sooo healthy all you eat is fruit' which in some ways is true I like to look after myself and maintain a healthy relationship with food however when it comes to food I'm very fussy and suffer with really bad bloating (which I may in future write a seperate post on if you wish?) I find I can eat very well for a long period of time and then all of a sudden it's as if my mind and taste buds completely change and crave every bad food ever. For my skin and body this is the worst, my skin is very reactive to the foods I eat and quickly becomes dry and spotty all over again. So my goal is to still enjoy all foods but to really consider whether I actually like and want that food before eating it (the worst food for my cravings but also for my skin is chocolate, also bad for my bloating issue. So that really is the main one I wish to cut out of my diet completely as I never enjoy it anyway)

6. Redecorate my bedroom - I'm already part of the way through the process as I started painting a few months ago but I just sort of gave up with it but having a freshly decorated room would make my mind feel much more fresh (you know what they say tidy house, tidy mind, right?)

7. Drink more water and exercise - As of right now, apart from my full time job I do so little exercise and I know I really should be doing more even if it is a 30 minute walk each day, I say each year that I will do even a little exercise each day but then half way through the month I've already forgotten and most days I drink 2l of water and other days I'll drink half a glass so my goal is to keep consistency of 2l of water or more a day and at least a little exercise. 

8. Find a new show that I can really get into - I feel these days I've watched it all on Netflix and I'm just rewatching the same shows. The vampire diaries. Pretty little liars. Riverdale. Gossip girl. You name it I've watched it, I just want something new that I can watch without being distracted by my phone because I'm actually bored so if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them in the comments

9. Be more happy with me - over the years I've become a lot happier with who I am but lately I feel my confidence has dipped slightly for whatever reason and I'm somebody who's mood is totally affected by how they feel about themselves so for the year I'm 20 I want to focus on becoming more self confident

10. Take a holiday with my fiancé - working in full time I don’t get to see much of my fiancé now, however between now and Christmas I think I should have a week off of work so again Josh if you’re reading this, we need a holiday! 

11. Start writing my own book - ever since I start
Hey ed my blog I’ve become so into writing and I’m also  very into my reading so I would love to one day (fingers crossed) write and publish my own book. I know that you have to put so much effort and time into writing a book so this won’t happen for quite a few years but I would to at least draft a book in my 20’s

12. Learn new recipes - I would love to become like all the food instagrammers I see with all these amazing different foods! I’m such a fussy eater but always find myself wanting to try new things

13. Find the cause for my bloating - this more than any goal is really important to me right now. I have been to the doctors several times about this bloating issue, it’s sometimes so severe I can’t walk and I cry cramped up in pain. The doctor I saw was very unhelpful and seemed to just laugh at me because ‘I’m a teenager so I just eat crap all of the time and don’t look after myself’ but I know that there must be a deeper problem, I think it may be an intolerance to a good group however I’ve tried to  keep a food diary and rule foods out but it hasn’t worked. So I really want to try and get referred for an allergy test and sort this out for good

14. Take a trip to London - I’ve been around London on a coach but I’ve never actually stayed in London and is something I’ve wanted to do for a while so I would love to do that before I’m 20!

15. Read 2 books each month - I absolutely love reading but I just don’t as much as I’d like so my goal is to read at least 2 each month

16.  Learn how to manage my time better - working a full time job and blogging and doing daily chores like washing my hair seems to take up every single hour of my time lately, so I want to focus more on time management and thinking of ways I can get things done quicker for example keeping to a schedule of time I spend doing certain things like reading and watching tv

17.  Find new ways to save money - I’m not exactly the best when it comes to saving money, I have really expensive taste and I always think ‘oh, I deserve it’ which maybe I do but this doesn’t help with saving money for bigger things like a car. So I think it’s time to actually start using my savings account and put back some money each month 

18. Start yoga/mediation - I’ve done yoga and meditation sporadically over the last year but never really stuck to it. I find yoga really relaxing for both my mind and my body so I would love to make it a regular routine in my day to day life 

19. Create a scrapbook - I’ve always taken pictures for memories and I absolutely love looking back at them and remembering the good days. Recently I watched Gabriella (velvetghosts) vlog where she shows her scrapbook and it just made me want to start one straight away as she said it’s nice to have the digital pictures but to have them on paper is even more special. So for my birthday I think I’m going to buy myself a scrapbook and get printing some pictures for memories that mean a lot

20. Gain a following on my blog - my little space on the internet means a lot to me, it’s a place to share my thoughts and loves and I will always be glad I started this blog. Already it’s gained a lot of views (of course that’s not what it’s all about) and I love writing posts but I’ve always dreamed of having people who come back again and again to read what I’ve got to say. My goal isn’t tons of followers, just a few loyal readers 

There is my 20 things I want to do when I’m 20, I hope you enjoyed reading them! Let me know what one thing/things you’d love to accomplish by your next birthday.

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  1. I loved this post. I created a scrapbook and I love it. I've bought a HP sprocket so via an app it links to my phone and I can print photos out whenever I need to and stick them in! I've always wanted to create my own cookbook because I love to cook and would just love to share my passion with everyone else. Ashleigh / www.thetalkingblog.com

  2. You are like me but I am older. A book, scrapbook and get a tablet. I think you can accomplish all. Wait, I know you can

    Tiana/ fablemoonsays.com

  3. This is such a cute post! Good luck on all your goals!

  4. Really relatable goals, I love them! I've started eating healthier and exercising and my next goal is to clear my skin for my wedding!
    I've just started a new regime so I will give you a heads up if I have any success 😂
    Good luck! 💕💖