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by - August 04, 2018

My July Favourites

Here are the things I have been loving and raving about this month, I hope you enjoy!

1. My weekly planner 

Some people will think this is a rather boring favourite but I have been loving this weekly planner because anyone who knows me well will know I'm not the most organised put together person, so this planner really helps me to keep in check with things I have going on and reminds me of things I need to get done that week. It has a section for each day and a 'to do' and 'notes' page on the back. A weekly planner is essential for forgetful people like me.

2. White demin jacket 
from Select 


Love love love this jacket! The minute I laid eyes on it I knew I had to have it, I have never really been into denim jackets until now, however ever since I bought this cute white one I have been obsessed with it and already want more!

3. Pretty Little Liars

I watched this tv series on Netflix and I've actually watched the whole series 6 times (I know that's ridiculous but that's how good I'm talking), it's so addicting that every time I've watched it I couldn't focus on anything else and each time I watched it I would pick up on something new I hadn't even thought of when I watched it the time before. Anyone who loves mystery/suspense would love this and there's also a little bit of romance throughout so you get some light with the dark. It's such an easy show to just sit and binge watch (which is probably why I've watched it 6 times!)

4. Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Range

I have two products from the CoCo LoCo range, I have only used these for around 2 months now but they have definitely made a change to my hair and have become a favourite this month! The two products I decided to buy were the Hair Oil and Straw to SiLK Serum Spray as I have severely damaged hair due to dying my hair so often (explained in favourite 9) so I needed something to rescue my hair, I heard amazing things about the CoCo LoCo range so I gave it a try and I'm so pleased I did! My hair is by no means back to full health yet but at least it's not so damaged, brittle and dry now thanks to these two excellent products! 

5. Cheese Layered Salad (mmm)

This is a random one but this is my favourite thing to eat for lunch in the summer, its refreshing and just tastes amazing. I find it hard to cook or eat hot meals in the summer so this is perfect, a healthy and filling lunch!

6. Garnier Toners

I use these Garnier Toners as part of my skincare routine morning and evening, they have several different ones for different skin types but I find the botanical and the rose one work for me. They make my skin feel so fresh and makes my make up glide on so much smoother, they are also super cheap and you can get them from any drugstore. The rose one is perfect for morning to feel fresh skinned and the botanical one is great for evening to get rid of dirt/left over make up and blemishes.

7. Waffles with Alpro. 

Another food favourite, but I felt these needed to be mentioned. Waffles are definitely my favourite 'junk' food - I could eat them all day, every day! I pair them with my favourite vanilla Alpro yogurt and it makes for a lovely summer treat. Alpro is also a vegan alternative to normal yogurt and it is even more delicious if I do say so myself.

8. Pink Carvella Bag

Honestly this bag has been a favourite all year round as it is so versatile, this bag goes with any outfit and adds effortless style. It's a medium size bag so I feel it has plenty of room for everything a girl will need (eg. make up, hair brush, purse, umbrella) but is also perfect to just slip over your shoulder and go with the longer strap that comes with it. I think it's the perfect bag for an occasion - from shopping to going to work to travelling. I picked up this gorgeous bag for only £55 which I think is a bargain for a bag I use every day.

9. Jerome Russell Bblonde in Pink

So last year I jumped on the bandwagon of dying my hair silver/grey however this year I was getting slightly bored of it and it was significantly damaging my hair as I was dying it virtually every other day! I decided this year I really wanted my pink hair back (much to everyones delight) so I searched for a product that wasn't going to take me bleaching my hair first as my hair still isn't in its best condition. I came across the Bblonde Pink toner and at first I wasn't sure I would see results as my hair isn't bleached blonde however I left the product on for 30 minutes and my came out a lovely shade of pink! I have been using this product ever since to tone my hair and it's adding no more damage to my hair which is amazing!

10. My Birthday 

It's not exactly a product but it was my birthday on the 20th May and I had the best day with the people I love, myself and Josh went away for the night and it was one of the best nights I have ever had (gush) so thought I had to mention this in my favourites this month even though it happened several months ago. 

All of the items I mentioned in this post are linked on the title of each item. Or if not I have linked similar items. I really hope you enjoyed this months favourites and hopefully treat yourself to some of these products!

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  1. Just wanted to say I love Pretty Little Liars and am rewatching it now! (My blog is actually on WordPress now .I never use my blogspot blog anymore since I moved over there. Just wanted to leave a comment!)

  2. I love pretty little liars!! It’s just so addictive☺️ Those hair products sound great I might have to try them out!!

  3. I used to be obsessed with pretty little liars and I think I watched it atleast 3 times. I’ve never thought of having waffles and yoghurt but it sounds amazing so I’m going to have to try it. Amazing post!

  4. Love pretty little liars, this is making me want to re watch it all over again! And I really like the idea of a weekly planner, I feel like I’ll get so much more done!

    Beth x |

  5. I’ve watched all of Pretty Little Liars four times so I’m glad it’s not just me who’s obsessed!!😅 Mol x