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by - August 11, 2018

30 New Blogpost Ideas

Blogging has become my favourite thing to do in my spare time, I really enjoy coming up with new ideas for blog posts and planning exciting things to do for a post but sometimes it can be really hard to keep coming up with new ideas and I've experienced quite a few bloggers block moments lately..

There's nothing more frustrating than wanting to post but not having anything to post so I have come up with 30 new blog post ideas for anyone who like me may be having trouble coming up with something new every week. Now I don't blog every single day like I know some bloggers do so I have so much respect for those who do but one of my goals (which I will make a separate post on soon) is to have a new post out every week. So I thought this would be a great way to get started and hopefully help me to plan my posts ahead!

1. Monthly Favourites
2. What's On My Phone
3. Book Reviews 
4. Relaxing Vacation
5. Pamper evening routine
6. Binge-worthy Netflix shows
7. How To Stay Healthy Happy and Motivated
8. Things I do to make me happy
9. Why It's Okay To Have A Bad Day
10. Keeping my life together (ish)
11. Favourite recipes (or if you're a snack-o-holic like me favourite snacks)
12. Q&A
13. Favourite Movies
14. Favourite Drugstore Makeup
15. Why I Started Blogging
16. Skincare Routine (Day/Night)
17. What I Wore For A Week
18. Hauls (Beauty/Fashion/Food)
19. Ways To Style an Outfit
20. High End Products Worth The Money
21. Favourite Places To Shop
22. How To Budget
23. Blogging Goals
24. Things That Inspire You
25. Favourite Way To Spend A Sunday
26. Day Out On A Budget
27. How To Stay Productive
28. What I Ate In A Day
29. Follow Me For A Day
30. Blog Post Ideas!

I hope this post may have helped some of you, it has helped me gain some motivation and inspiration just by sitting down for an hour and thinking up some new ideas. Keeping this list written down on my phone will definitely help me out in any future blogger block moments! When blogging becomes a career it can get very stressful and keeping a list can be helpful but remember it's the fun that comes from writing these posts.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! Sometimes I'm at a loss for what to blog about. This gives me inspiration.