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by - June 22, 2018

Top 10 Tips On Happiness: How To Become Happier

It's been a fair while since my last post so I'm back with a post on my top tips to becoming happy/happier. By no means am I happy 100 percent of the time but then, who is? But I do believe that a positive mindset in whatever situation always helps, you can have the worst situation but you can choose how you react to it, if you look for the positive in the situation you will find yourself much happier than if you look for the negative and see all the bad about a situation, choosing to be positive about something which may not be the best is difficult but I always swear by not being negative or stressed about a situation that you cannot change, if instead you look for the positives and find at least one you will be much happier.

So my first tip on happiness would be 

1. Find a positive in any situation.

No matter how bad a situation seems you can usually always find some positive within, which will then make things seem at least a little bit than they are.

My second tip sounds silly at first but it works..

2. When you wake up first thing in the morning list 3 things in your head that you are grateful for.

This tip helps to get rid of any negative thoughts as soon as you wake up, whether you've had a bad dream or you have to get up for work or you are just generally dreading something that day which is negatively impacting your mood, listing 3 things that you are happy about or grateful for will make you realise what you do have to be positive about and will lessen the stress about the things that aren't so great, leaving you feeling a little better about getting on with those things.

3. Smile at or compliment someone at least once everyday.

Ok so this tip isn't actually focused on you, but do something to make somebody else happy can also make you happy too. (Isn't that amazing?) Anything as little as a smile could completely change someones mood and therefore change yours too, making someone else smile or feel happy can make you feel happy too as kindness is positive and being positive leads to feeling happy.

4. Take care of yourself, no matter how rubbish you're feeling.

Now this may seem an obvious tip, but you would be surprised how many forget to take care of their self (including me) when you don't feel your best. Whether it be your mind or your body, we all need to take care of our self both mentally and physically especially when we are not feeling our best. This includes simple care such as taking a shower, exercising, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water, but so many people forget to look after their body every single day, the same goes for your mind, simple things such as taking a walk to clear your mind, mediation, exercise (which releases happy endorphins to the brain) and having 'me time' are all things to mentally make you feel your best. Neglecting all these things takes a toll on our minds and our body and eventually starts to make us unhappy. Taking care of our mind and body is vital to becoming happy. 

5. Indulgence and relaxation. 

This one is kind of going back to tip 4 but indulging in things that make us happy and relaxing is also so important, even if it's as simple as running yourself a deep hot bubbly bath or taking time to cook your favourite meal find the time to indulge in what makes you happy. I personally find a hot bubble bath, a cup of tea and my book the most indulgent and relaxing. When I take time to do those things that I really enjoy I find I am much happier afterwards as when I find I don't have the time for those things stress and negativity builds up much easier. So now I always find the time at least once a week to do those things that make me happy.

6. Meditation.

I don't have much to say on this tip as I myself have only recently discovered meditation but even though it's only a recent discovery it's made a drastic difference to my happiness. I use apps on my phone to help me meditate and relax, mostly at night as I have a lot more free 'me' time, so sometimes I'll either sit up with my legs crossed or I will lie down on my bed and listen to/follow a deep sleep meditation just before I go off to sleep, even if it's just for 10 minutes this helps to allow me to wind down and get ready to sleep. 10 minutes just before you get out of bed in the morning and start your day would be a great time to listen to a positive motivational mediation too.

7. Finding time for your family/friends/partner.

This tip is so important, finding time to spend time with the people you love most is so important for your happiness aswell as theirs. Even if it's just taking a few hours out to have dinner together and watch your favourite movie together it will dramatically increase your happiness, being with people you love also helps you to relax and feel much more positive, for example whenever I'm feeling low I go out and see my boyfriend and go to our favourite restaurant together or even sometimes as simple as cuddling up at home on the sofa makes the day that little bit better.

8. Find/take up a new hobby.

Honestly finding a new hobby whether it be dancing, writing, gardening, playing an instrument, running or anything at all can be the best mood lifter, finding something your passionate about and good at can really increase how happy you feel. Even taking 30 minutes to write a short story or taking an hour to learn a song on the piano can lift your mood instantly. So think about what you really love, even if it seems impossible and go and do that thing!

9. Listen to your favourite playlist.

Music can make you feel so many different things, so putting on some headphones whilst you do the housework or throwing on your favourite playlist whilst you get ready can have such an impact on your happiness, I use Spotify to create playlists and use my 'SASS' playlist whenever I'm in need of feeling on top of the world or my 'CLASSICS' playlist whenever I want to sing (at the top of my lungs) whilst I'm getting ready.

10. Actually take the time to find happiness.

It's easy to say we will find time to make ourselves happy and take time to do things that make us happy but it's hard to find that time when everyone has such busy lives and schedules but it's no excuse for your happiness to take a back seat, whenever you feel yourself dipping and feeling low, schedule in even just an hour on a Sunday evening to pamper yourself and make yourself feel good again.

There is always time for happiness.

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